R & D The Musical Scene 1

#DinosUnite - Scene 1

Act1, Scene1, Overture (instrumental): "Words Vs Swords Vs Swordfish"

Act1, Scene1, Set1: "Kingdom of the Dinosaurusses". 65 million years ago, the dinosaurs face an unexpected destiny. But wait! Whose in that cage on center stage? It's Onesie the (#postgender) Dinosaurus, the T-Rex guitarist with a passion for survival. Could Onesie have some plan to save their #dinosaur peers from extinction?

Act1, Scene1, Set2: "In A Onesie". 65 million years after being knocked out by a UFO (#unicorn flying object (which ALLEGEDLY wiped out all the highly-evolved #Dinosaur Species and incredibly advanced Rexocratic Society!?!)), Onesie The Dinosaurus wakes up on a melting glacier near #Newfoundland, Canada. It's 2019!Onesie hitches a ride with friendly zillionaire #philanthropist @DrDino_1 to #Montreal, where they (#postgender) recounts the story to a crowd of bystanders at open mic night. The crowd may-or-may-not include several #timetravel ing intergalactic groupies.

Act1, Scene1, Set3: "Follow That Dino!". Still 65 million years later, Onesie believes the dinosaurs are dead, and befriends to the monkey species currently dominating the bio-sphere. I'm not gonna fail us, again.

Act1, Scene1, Set4: "Space Dinos". Onesie falls asleep after their open-mic set in Montreal. But this is not a dream! Two dinosaurs visit the earth looking for Onesie, armed with six-string communicators, telling their survival story. "We were united, or we'd've failed," but Onesie was lost when they escaped the aftermath of an asteroid-sized (unicorn) spaceship crash-landing on earth!

Studio edition (audio):

Act1, Scene1, Set5: "Onesie W@nders". Onesie is dreaming, a 65 million year flashback, before they became aware of The Asteroid, to their world-meandering tyrannosaurus life. Lose yourself in, or find yourself through, the myriad truths and illusions.

Act1, Scene1, Set6: "Dinosaur Valley". In simple story-telling style, Onesie narrates their unicorn encounter and what happened next -- running desperately all around dinosaur valley looking for collaboration and support, but who will listen? A montage of unicorn voices provide guidance, shout-outs to our numerous unicorn collaborators RAQUEL, BEV&FRED, ALEJANDRA, CHRISTIAN, JAMES, JANA, SOFIA, ANA, NINA, JAROD, AND our all-star vocal celebrity CURRENT (@globalsolidarity).

Act1, Scene1, Set7: "Empathy (What are you going to do?)". Onesie struggles to rally the dinosaurs to truth and action! What are they going to do? If only the other dinosaurs were brave enough to face their feelings..... maybe they'd have a chance to overthrow the authoritarian rexocracy doubling-down on demise.

Act1, Scene1, Set8: "Post-Rock Dinosaurusses". The curtain closes with an inspiring flash-forward, DiNos all over modern-day earth merging their RAWRs together: "We are the post-rock dinosaurusses!"How did they survive?!?! Will they find Onesie? Stay tuned for Act 2! Meanwhile, why not sing-and-dance-along with the post rock dinosaurs!

Act1, Scene1, Set9: "Intermission 1: Onesie's Plan". Soothing tunes accompany a first intermission. Rhymanual Raptor presents Onesie's plan: a rock opera!?! Who would have guessed!? Raptor then introduces the all-star cast, and provides a quick synopsis of the dramatic context preceding Scene 2. We clarify for the search engines that The Asteroid is indeed A #Unicorn #Spaceship, which crash-landed on Earth 65 million years ago, triggering the alleged extinction of The #Dinosaurs; and that The Unicorn Phone Onesie found in Their Cave was indeed An #ElectricGuitar.

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Scene3 Teaser: "Break Us".