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ProjectHouse.World is a cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary, transnational community. We are everywhere we can be, questioning everything we can, imagineering our way beyond the broken status quo. We are teachers and learners. We are dreamers and doers. We tackle challenges by building solutions, one step at a time.

Join us for a week or more, in person or from afar; contribute and learn with our amazing team! Each week we focus on a particular problem -- dysfunctional technology, remote working challenges, or social sustainability issues. Your group will brainstorm solutions to the problem, then work towards a self-determined set of deliverables to evaluate your solution. Deliverables can be: a website, an application, mockups, a video, a prototype, a market study, a crowd-funding campaign, a business plan.

At Project House, you will:

Leverage your existing expertise.

Acquire new skills appropriate to the task at hand.

Collaborate with amazing people on an impactful project.

Prepare yourself for a self-driven and/or location-independent lifestyle.

Maybe your a designer and you'd like to learn a little bit about coding? Maybe your a coder and want to learn a little bit about marketing? Skills needed include: brainstorming, leadership, communication, collaboration, research, arts, crafts, graphic design, 3d modelling, marketing, website developing, software, hardware. Out-of-the-box thinking is a huge plus.


The goal of Project House is to empower individuals, and to connect them across socioeconomic barriers. Our mission is to enable we-the-people to take control of our own collective future.

Problem: Western society teaches us that education cannot happen outside of the classroom and without a trained teacher. Higher education focuses on over-specialization, rather than breadth, creativity, and self-teaching. These systems prepare individuals to be part of a big economic engine, but it does not prepare them to steer that engine. And it does not prepare them to negotiate with that engine for fair compensation and better working conditions. It does not even show them the devastatingly immoral footprint of that engine on the 3.5 billion global citizens still living in poverty, or the 2.5 billion others not doing much better.

Our solution: Project House is a new model of productivity. As Buckminster Fuller famously said: “You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” Our model will win because it leverages everyone’s potential, rather than sacrificing that potential for the sake of managerial simplicity. Our model will win because it connects people across boundaries, instead of exploiting those boundaries for cheap and soon-to-be-automated labor. Our model will win because it, like all of the products and ideas we work on, is just a step in a reasonable direction,... and every day (with your help) we are taking one more step.

Origin Story

Project House emerged from a series of remote co-live co-work pilots in Latin America (’16-’17). The initial program was simply a “hostal for professionals” -- a cheap way to travel while working, connect with like-minded professionals, and mix with aspiring locals, all while sharing the costs of productivity hardware. As our “hostal” moved from country to country, we found that actually doing things was way more fun than merely hosting people. Furthermore, we noticed that many travelers wanted to develop independent remote socially-constructive careers, but didn’t really know where to start, and didn’t have the money to burn on heavily-marketed remote lifestyle (digital nomad) alternatives. Hence, Project House: a place to learn hard skills while tackling real-world social and technological challenges.