#DinosUnite ...Or we go extinct!!

R & D The Musical Act I


#DinosUnite is a post-rock opera about equality, engagement, and empowerment; for survival of the species! As of November 2022, #DinosUnite Act I is piloting on YouTube/@dinos_unite! Act II is a three-scene libretto and 60 minute concept album; we are currently seeking characters to bring the story to the streets and stages of the pre-post-apocalyptic 2020s. Act III is a storyboard and draft lyrics. We are moving Act I into the meta-verse on the gathertown virtual conference platform: @Dinos_Unite in the DinoCave.

The Story

65 million years ago a UnicornFlyingObject (UFO) is on a collision course for Earth. The Unicorns deliver a warning message: "Wake up, Dinos!", and a shiny red Universal Communicator. ONESIE THE T-REX wakes up 65 million years later in present-day Newfoundland, Canada, "I think I hit my head! What happened to the dinosaurusses?!?" Unbeknownst to Onesie, Intergalactic Groupies, led by dinorock pioneers "The Mouth Guitarists" return to Earth, looking for Onesie.

The Characters

ONESIE -- the unassuming T-Rex scientist who receives the unicorns' message, and communicator.

RHYME-MANUAL RAPTOR -- a celebrity Velociraptor composer; the narrator.

BOAN SPINAEZ -- the world-famous Spinosaur vocalist, a social-justice celebrity and friend of RAPTOR.

ALLO GUTHRIE -- the legendary Allosaur story-teller, a social justice celebrity and friend of RAPTOR and BOAN.

ELOAN TUSK -- an eccentric wooly-mammoth entrepreneur and self-made godzillionaire, nicknamed "DO-Loan" like "do-re-mi" because he loves the D-major scale.

DREX -- the King of the Rexocracy, ruler of all dinosaur kinds, a sociopath, and ONESIE's arch nemesis.

NOOVAMBH -- the Unicorn who delivers the warning message, then vanishes. Unicorns are busy!

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Next Steps:

We're growing a team of real-life superheroes to scale this incredible production to dinosaurian proportions! Send us an email if you've got what it takes!